Rebooting server in recovery mode

When the server reboots or shuts down without properly shutting down the MvBase server, perform the following steps: 1. Double click the “Administration Utility” on the desktop or taskbar. 2. Click on the Server Tab at the top. 3. Click the Server Application tab and click “Start” 4. Double Click the MvTerm application on the desktop or taskbar. 5. Click the Session pull down menu and click “Connect to MvBase Server” 6. Click OK at the window that pops up. 7. Once connected, if you land at TCL (>), then type :SHUTDOWN and press Enter. If you land at “Logon Please”, then type SYSPROG to get to TCL (>) and type :SHUTDOWN 8. Allow the shutdown procedure to take it’s course. It will disconnect the session upon completion. You may then close the MvTerm application. 9. At the Utility Administration, the Server Application status will automatically stop if the above procedure was properly completed. Simply click on the Server Service and click Start. 7. Click the Workstation tab at the top: 8. Click the Workstation Service and click Start. It’s status will turn to “Running”
Published on: 2018-12-10